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  1. Hi-
    I’m Maggie McGlynn from Waterbury. Every time my mother-in-law, Edith McGlynn (age 91), visits us in Vermont, she talks about finding her childhood home in Randolph. I have very little information, but I’m wondering if there is a way to look up the family and hopefully get an address for the family farm. I’m assuming it was outside Randolph somewhere.
    This is what I know: Her father’s name was Oliver Taft Haselton (or Hazelton) and her mother’s name was Lillian Belle Haselton. They had 4 children and based on their ages, they lived in Randolph around 1928 (or before that) -1936.
    We would appreciate any information you might be able to provide.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Maggie, We are a volunteer historical society and don’t have staff members that research genealogies for families. That said, I would suggest that you contact the Town Clerk’s office at (802) 728-5433, ext. 12 and see if they have any records of an address for Edith’s family. Wishing you good luck with your research.

  2. Dear Fellow Historian,
    I have been researching Vermont schoolhouses for a number of years. I hope to create an inventory of all the schools that have served Vermont students. This inventory may be shared with the Vermont Archives as an online database.
    Randolph has been a challenge for me. The 1877 Beers Atlas depicts 25 school districts in town. I have tentatively identified the following: District1- South Randolph School, District 9- Fish Hill School, District 14- Hebard Hill School and District 18- North Randolph School.
    Through my research I have found the common names of the following Randolph district schools: Archer School, Blaisdell School, Beanville School, Center School, Adams School, Gilman School, East Randolph School and the Temple School.
    My problem is that I am unable to match the common names with the district numbers.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Charlie Farrell

    • Hi Charlie, Sorry for the delay. We have been on pause due to COVID as we are a volunteer based organization. We do have some information on Randolph schools but I am not sure the extent of it. We are hopeful that we might be open by the end of this summer 2022. If you are still interested in the topic, just let us know and once we are back open we can check our files for you.

  3. Was there a Randolph Academy back in the 1800s?
    There was a Thetford Academy….supposedly Justin Smith Morrill attended both or one with the name Thetford Academy and Randolph Academy?
    Thanks for your help

  4. Hello,
    My name is Sara Jane Ruggles and I am a public historian living in North Idaho. I am currently doing research on my own family and I am looking for genealogical links to a 4th great grandfather who is listed as being born in Vermont. His name was Lyman Morse. I believe he was born around 1786. His census information lists him as a Vermont native, but our family has zero information on his immediate family members, which leads me to wonder if he could have been an orphan.
    The reason I am contacting you is that I am intrigued by a possible lead for Lymans whereabouts in 1810. There is an Abner Morse who is listed in the 1810 census as living in Randolph, Orange County, Vermont. I have only been able to find two biological children that he had with his wife Betsy. However, in 1810 there are 11 people listed in his household. I am wondering if there is any way to find out who those 11 people are. One of the residents in the household is a male 16-25, which matches Lyman’s age if he was in fact born in 1786. Is there any record of a Lyman Morse in Randolph, Vermont or is there any record of who resided with Abner and Betsy in 1810? I understand that Abner died in Randolph in 1813 and his wife continued to live there. We know that Lyman moves to New York and marries Harriet Whitney in Madrid, NY in 1822. We also know that after Harriet’s death in 1830, we find him again in Fulton, Rock County, Wisconsin in 1838 where he resides until his death in 1848.
    Your help is MUCH appreciated in this long standing family mystery.

    • Hi Sara Jane, Our schedule has been greatly disrupted by the COVID virus. We are a volunteer society and are just beginning to think about opening up again. I have tried to research your ancestor, Lyman Morse and haven’t had any luck finding information about him in the years you provided. There is mention of Alixes Lyman Morse who they think was born around 1833 and is associated with Randolph, VT. His father was Nahum Morse. As you have found, I too have found Abner Morse who is also associated with Randolph. It is believed he was born in 1761. He died April 26, 1813 and is buried in the Randolph Center cemetery. The census information I found on him was very vague and didn’t mention individual family members.

  5. ye’olde randolph house no 2329d k55 chest sec’y cottage solid vermont rock maple — I own one and can not find it any other place

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