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6 thoughts on “Comments and Questions

  1. I use to deliver glass to Ehan Allen and would stay at a old hotel in the 1980-19901 time period. The first floor had a bar and some food, the rooms where up stairs, they had tall Windows and high ceilings. Is this hotel still standing? I use to park my truck on the right side of the building. Thank you John

    • Hi John, Might you be thinking of the Bethel Inn in Bethel, Vermont? That building had a bar on the first floor and rooms on the above floors. If it is the Bethel Inn, the building burned down years ago and there is a public parking lot in the old hotel’s space.

  2. I am staying in the old one room school house on Hebard Hill Rd. I am interested in a brief history and any photos you might have. It would be fascinating to learn about the past of where I’m staying! Thank you. Janice Healey

    • Hi Janice, Sorry for the delay. We have been on pause due to COVID and as such our museum is not yet open to the public. I believe we do have some information on the schools in Randolph but am not sure the extent of it. At this time we are hopeful to open maybe the end of this summer 2022. At that time, we will be able to check our files for you if you are still interested in the topic.

  3. I had the chance to visit Randolph Vermont last week. Billy gave my family and I a tour of your historical museum, we loved it. So much history.
    Thanks again to Billy, Larry

  4. I have acquired a solid Vermont rock maple desk. A brass plate in a drawer reads” Ye Olde Randolph House,
    Randolph, Vermont
    Do you know the history of the factory that made the desk. I would like to know the age of the desk.
    The following is printed on the bottom of the middle draw:

    NO. 2303K DESK



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